Our Box

VidaFit offers you a positive, fun and empowering atmosphere where you can come in and train to your absolute best!

Whether you are someone who has never trained before, returning to exercise after a bit of a break or you are an experienced athlete, at VidaFit we have you covered.

We have rings, pull up rigs, barbells, bumpers, kettle bells, sleds, ghd’s, dead balls, assault bikes, dumbbells, wall balls, ropes, rowers, boxes and loads of creativeness to make workouts insanely challenging & fun. The entire gym is matted out for your safety and comfort.

Our broad range of classes, diverse programming and awesome coaches will help you get the absolute most out of your body & keep your motivation high & your training fun.

The atmosphere and culture of our gym is like nothing you have ever experienced before. It is a friendly, energetic, non intimidating environment where you can come in & worry about nothing but doing your best and having loads & loads of fun.

We sweat, we laugh, we grunt, we work and we laugh some more. Join Australia’s fastest growing fitness facility for the time of your life.